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For us to help you, we need to know which of the services that we offer that you would like to know more about. Please read the descriptions of the programs and services we offer below, and then select the ones you’re interested in and then we can get started crafting a custom plan just for you!

 Financial Opportunity Center

We provide employment and career counseling, one-on-one financial coaching and education and low-cost financial products that help build credit, savings and assets. We will also connect you with income supports such as food stamps, utilities assistance and affordable health insurance.

    I am interested in one-on-one coaching to help me achieve my financial goal.

    I am interested in learning online how to manage my personal finances.

 HomeOwnership Programs

We provide home buyer education, one-on-one counseling, down payment assistance, "sweat equity" home building, and lending to help you achieve your dream of homeownership. We also help existing homeowners prevent foreclosure, and repair and preserve your home.

    I would like more information regarding Down Payment Assistance options

    I am interested in building a home for my family, using sweat-equity.

    I am at risk of losing my home to foreclosure.

    I am interested in one-on-one coaching to help me achieve my homeownership goal.

    I would like to learn online about the home buying process.

    I own my home and I am interested in home repair.

    I want to know if I qualify for USDA 502 Loan

    I would like one-on-one coaching to help manage the cost of homeownership.

    I would like to learn online about managing the cost of homeownership.

    I am interested in Reverse Mortgage counseling.


Volunteering with NeighborWorks Umpqua in your spare time is one of the best ways to positively impact Southern Oregon. No matter where you live, chances are we have a volunteer opportunity for you.

    I am interested in making a positive impact in Southern Oregon by volunteering with NeighborWorks Umpqua

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